Spring is Near, Prices are UP UP UP

Wow, Spring 2017 is right around the corner.  Home prices have gone up a bit and buyers are out early with the mild weather we have been having.

Have you considered selling your home?  This is a great time to do a little spring cleaning and get that home on the market.  Sellers often ask, “when is the best time to list my home?”  Now, is the answer.  Early March is the perfect time to get things going and start packing!

Want to know what your home might be worth?  Call for a free market analysis and get the knowledge of a professional real estate agent.  I can help you navigate all the things that will make your move a successful and pleasant experience!

Take the first step – spring is near!

Selling a Water Front Home in the Winter

What is the good wisdom about listing and selling a water front home in the winter months?  Although there are many that will say to take it off market during that time, I am not one of them.

First of all, we are talking about water front homes mostly.  These homes tend to get quite a bit of activity during the winter months.  People have time to look around at different lake front areas and shop for homes.  The late winter and early spring period have people shopping to get something in time for summer.

People are also getting savvy about the time it takes to purchase a home.  Most buyers are aware of mortgage times at or around the four to six-week time frame.  So, in order to have a summer home ready to go by May, people are shopping in February and March.

I think it is wise to have a home on market through the winter months.  With inventory at a low during that time, it is a better chance to sell.  Guard your home with rugs, shoe covers, etc. and keep it on the market.  Give it a good chance to get it sold!





Selling a Home in Winter

Selling a home can be frustrating in the winter market.  While there are advantages to having a home on the market through the winter, there could also be disadvantages.  What works best for you as a seller, is a very personal decision.  Let your real estate agent help you sort out whether to keep your home on the market through the winter.

Here are a few advantages to keeping your home on the market:

  1.  There are less homes on the market making inventory low.  You have a better chance of being noticed when there is less inventory.
  2. Buyers looking in the winter months are serious buyers.  You have a better chance of selling when the buyers are looking through the snowy season.
  3. Prices can be a bit higher because of low inventory bring in a sales price closer to your list price.

The disadvantages can be downplayed by keeping a good attitude about your move.

  1.  Moving in the winter is not fun – but with a little research you can find a good moving company and save yourself a lot of work.  Companies are looking for work in the winter and offer deals to you.
  2. Keeping the way clear of snow.  Yes, this is especially important for the winter snowbirds. 2Hire a company to keep your drive clear of snow.  This makes it easier to get in for showings and gives the buyer the message that you care about your home.
  3. Buyers are looking for deals, deals, deals.  They sometimes want to offer lower prices thinking that you are desperate to sell.  This is not always the case, so be strong during negotiation if you have a good product.
It’s only a few short months and we will be talking about spring and summer.  You can make it though the winter with an agent that is resourceful and able to help you out with services needed during the winter months.  Hopefully, by spring you will see a big SOLD sign on it.
1 MainFor more information on this beautiful winter home for sale – click on the photo above.

Honesty in Real Estate – by Kathleen Adams

Can you honestly say your are always honest in everything you do?  Probably not, sadly.  We all have times when we think a little white lie is okay to tell.  If it serves a good purpose, perhaps.

For all time, real estate agents have had the “dishonesty” stigma attached to their profession.  While it may be true for some – after all we are human – it doesn’t hold true for all.  I know how important it is to be honest with my clients as well as my customers.  It should be at the core of our being to have integrity as a foundation in everything we do.  This is the road that is paved for us.  The other road sure has it’s bumps!

Lately, with the heat-up in the market, I have witnessed a lot of dishonesty on the part of buyers.  Particularly buyers from outside the area.  This is what I have witnessed going on of late.  A buyer comes in from out of town and they dupe the listing agent into believing they do not have an agent; and then – they “write an offer with their agent” – an out of town agent that didn’t bother to show up with their client to show the property.

This is really disturbing to me on many levels.  First, that the “agent” would not have the courtesy to call and ask me to show for their client because they cannot; and second, because the buyer has shown that dishonesty is in their character.  The next step of course is negotiation and getting through a closing with people who are willing to say/do anything to gain for themselves.  We all know this as greed.

How wonderful it would be to have honesty be the one character trait people would strive for in all that they do.  It would really make the real estate transaction much better in every way.  The next time someone tells me they don’t trust real estate agents – I may have to give them a dose of reality.

In contrast, last week I had an agent from out of area call and ask me if I could show one of my properties to their client.  He was on vacation when they called him to see this property.  I gladly showed it to his client – and was rewarded with a purchase agreement – cash offer!  We are getting through the closing process and everything is going quite smooth.  How nice to deal with honest people all around!


Is It a Seller’s Market Yet? by Kathleen Adams, Canadian Lakes Homes

Well, we see the tides changing.  We are coming into a seller’s market in Canadian Lakes.  While it is still at the transition point, we see less inventory and more multiple offers.  All signs lead to the beginnings of a seller’s market.

Caution – don’t overprice your home just yet.  It is going to take a bit of time for all of this to digest.  Remember just a few short years ago, sellers would not believe that the market prices were going “that low”.  Well they did – and they were – we just didn’t want to believe it.  It took time for sellers to get on the right track and lower their prices.  We will most likely see this happening the other way around now.  Buyers will not believe that prices are truly going up and they will not be able to buy a home without a bidding war.  So, make it count – that first offer that is.  Make it good so that you are the best in the bunch trying to buy that home!  Success will be with those that truly know what the market is doing.

Yes indeed – we are coming into a seller’s market!

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8144 Island Drive, Canadian Lakes, MI 49346 by Kathleen Adams

Looking for a lakefront home with room for family and friends?  This home at 8144 Island Drive in Canadian Lakes fits the bill.  A beautiful 5 bedroom, 2-1/2 bath home with a location that is most desired.  Just a few steps to the water’s edge, and over 100 feet of waterfront to enjoy.  This home features open concept living, beautiful fireplace, four season room, nicely landscaped yard, large deck overlook the lake, flat to the water’s edge, great all-sports boating, swimming and more!  This is a great value as it is priced to sell.  A great choice for Canadian Lakes living.  See the video here!

One of our beautiful beaches in Canadian Lakes –

Canadian Lakes Beach

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