Selling a Water Front Home in the Winter

What is the good wisdom about listing and selling a water front home in the winter months?  Although there are many that will say to take it off market during that time, I am not one of them.

First of all, we are talking about water front homes mostly.  These homes tend to get quite a bit of activity during the winter months.  People have time to look around at different lake front areas and shop for homes.  The late winter and early spring period have people shopping to get something in time for summer.

People are also getting savvy about the time it takes to purchase a home.  Most buyers are aware of mortgage times at or around the four to six-week time frame.  So, in order to have a summer home ready to go by May, people are shopping in February and March.

I think it is wise to have a home on market through the winter months.  With inventory at a low during that time, it is a better chance to sell.  Guard your home with rugs, shoe covers, etc. and keep it on the market.  Give it a good chance to get it sold!





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